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Relyon optimises your service process

Our service management software helps your office and field staff work better and more efficiently by automating and improving your entire service process, increasing employee productivity and customer satisfaction.
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The smartest and most reliable service management software

Insight, overview, and control

Relyon automates and improves your entire service process with just one software package, giving you complete control over the process. Information is no longer lost, and every plan is perfect, down to the last detail. This way you can do more in less time and keep a firm hold of your service process.

The benefits of Relyon

What does this mean for your service process?

Altijd overzicht

You are in control

Our software gets you in control, so you always know what’s going on in your service department.
Hogere klanttevredenheid

Increased customer satisfaction

Relyon ensures a higher First-Time-Fix rate, meaning higher customer satisfaction.

Inzicht in een oogopslag

Insights at a glance

With Relyon, you have an at-a-glance overview of customer data, service history and active requests.

Ontwikkeld op basis van ervaring

Developed by experts

Our software is based on almost 20 years of knowledge and experience with various service processes.

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From the service manager to the field service technician: everyone can use our software.

Hogere productiviteit

Higher productivity

Relyon automates and optimises the service process, increasing productivity.

Discover what our software can do for you

Relyon is made for:

Service managers


Field service technicians

The three functions of Relyon

This is how Relyon makes life easier

Service Center

Service Center

Management of the service and billing process.



Planning of service orders.

Mobile app

Mobile app

Execution and handling of service orders.

Zo maak je Relyon nog completer
Software to fulfil your wishes

Make Relyon even more complete

Our service management software can be expanded with extras such as a Customer Service Portal, interactive management reports and ‘Machine to Machine’ to increase efficiency and convenience.

Learn what Relyon can do for you

Intergraties en partners Relyon
Partners & Integrations

Ready to integrate

Relyon can be easily integrated with the (ERP) software of AFAS, Exact, KING, Accountview, Microsoft, Snelstart, Visma and others. Contact Relyon to discover all of our integration options and the partners we work with.

Client cases

Results we’re proud of

Results we are proud of

Nestlé Professional

"I have rarely seen a system that is this easy to use."

Read the case

Bandenservice Zuid-West

Ever since Bandenservice Zuid-West started working with AFAS and Relyon software, things have calmed down within the company.

Read the case
Het brein achter Relyon
20 years of experience with service management software

The team behind Relyon

We have been developing software solutions for companies with a field service department since 2001. With our team of experts, we are continuously improving our software, ensuring customers always have the best version of Relyon, allowing them to reach the highest level of customer satisfaction. Helping our customers to best satisfy their customers is what we strive for at Relyon.

More information

Want to know more about gaining control over your service process?

Download and read our leaflet to learn how Relyon lets your service department gain control over the entire service process.

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