Additional modules

The fixed elements of Relyon Service Management (Planning, Service Center and Mobile) can be complemented with additional modules.

Service Portal

The Relyon Service Portal enables your customers to log in via your company website into their personal environment, which is adapted to your corporate identity. The Service Portal provides an overview of the customer’s equipment, including service history and work orders. Also, your customers can report new service calls and track the status of their call.


The module Reports generates interactive management reports that provide insight into the performance of your service organisation. At a glance you can see employee productivity, response times, used materials or the number of defects per machine type.

QR code Portal

The QR code Portal makes it even easier for your customers to report service calls. By using a smartphone or tablet to scan the QR code on a machine, your customers gain access to the machine data after login. Your customers can then report a new service call or see the service history.

Machine to Machine (M2M)

The functionality Machine to Machine processes the information that is sent from equipment, such as fault codes and counter readings in Relyon Service Management. If necessary, a new service call is created right away.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

After a visit from the service engineer, the customer automatically receives a customer satisfaction survey per email, in your organisation’s layout. You decide on the frequency of the survey. The results will be presented to you in clear reports.

Relyon Service Management iPad

The Relyon reporting tool not only gives a detailed insight into the performance of the equipment, but also of the engineers in the field.

Canon Business Center Breda

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