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An overview when you need it

The Relyon Service Center provides service managers with an overview of service orders and gives them the functionalities they need to quickly and effectively manage the entire service process.
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Service Center benefits

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A complete overview

The Service Center offers a complete overview of all service assignments in one screen, so you know what the status of each assignment is. This lets you maintain control over the service process – even when urgent orders pop up.
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All info at your fingertips

The data you need to quickly initiate the service or billing process (such as SLAs, service history, digital work orders, and more) can be found at your fingertips in the Service Center.
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The Service Center not only makes management of the service process easy but managing customer data and maintenance contracts is just as simple.
Increases efficiency and customer satisfaction

Just what service managers need

Relyon Service Center allows service managers to easily manage the service and billing process, increasing efficiency and thus enabling you to process incoming service orders and billing requests faster. This results in satisfied customers and service managers.
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Client cases

Results we’re proud of

Results we are proud of

Nestlé Professional

"I have rarely seen a system that is this easy to use."

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Bandenservice Zuid-West

Ever since Bandenservice Zuid-West started working with AFAS and Relyon software, things have calmed down within the company.

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Download and read our leaflet to learn how Relyon lets your service department gain control over the entire service process.

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