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Relyon can be expanded with a Service Portal, interactive management reports and ‘Machine to Machine’ (automatic processing of fault codes and meter readings) to further increase convenience and efficiency.
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More insights

Thanks to the interactive management reports from ‘Reports’ and the customer satisfaction survey, you can become more aware of how your service department performs.
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More convenience, more efficiency

The Service Portal, QR code Portal and M2M make life easier for you and your customers while saving you time and increasing customer satisfaction.

Service Portal

An online environment for customers

With the Service Portal, you offer your customers a unique online environment where they can create new service orders, look at their order history and view the status of any outstanding orders.
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Interactive management reports

‘Reports’ is an interesting addition for CEOs and CFOs who want to see how their service department is performing. With ‘Reports’, you have the option to compile interactive management reports with data taken from our service management software.

QR code Portal

Even easier and faster

Relyon’s QR Code Portal makes it easier and faster for customers to report defects by providing each relevant device with a unique QR code. Your customer scans that code with a smartphone or tablet, after which he or she (after logging in) can quickly and easily create and submit a service order.
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Machine to Machine (M2M)

Makes your service department even smarter

With M2M, the online information of what equipment is stored with customers can automatically be collected and processed in your Relyon system. Customers no longer need to create service orders because online information is used to determine whether a device truly needs to be serviced or not.
Customer Satisfaction Survey

Insight into customer satisfaction

Are your customers still satisfied with the services of your organisation? The Customer Satisfaction Survey offers you the option of automatically sending a customer satisfaction survey (by e-mail) to customers after a field technician’s visit. The results of the survey are recorded in clear reports so you can quickly see your customer’s level of satisfaction.
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Client cases

Results we’re proud of

Results we are proud of

Nestlé Professional

"I have rarely seen a system that is this easy to use."

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Bandenservice Zuid-West

Ever since Bandenservice Zuid-West started working with AFAS and Relyon software, things have calmed down within the company.

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Download and read our leaflet to learn how Relyon lets your service department gain control over the entire service process.

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